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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Belle Drop Down Menu 1.00(0) - Symbian Belle Unsigned - Free App Download

Are you tired of stretching your finger to reach the top of the screen & swiping down so you can open the Drop Down Menu?
Belle Drop Down Menu is a useful tool for who want to quickly open the Drop Down Menu to easily access 'Belle Extra Buttons' application functions, and to access the Drop Down Menu Activities & Notifications, and in just one tap.
Belle Drop Down Menu doesn't resident in memory, it does its job, and closes immediately.

Belle Extra Buttons v1.07(0) - Nokia Belle Signed - Free App Download

B.E.B places 2 extra buttons on the toolbar of:
- Home-screen & Menu grid
- Drop Down Menu: To reach Extra Buttons anywhere in your device
B.E.B preloaded with 15 Features, As:
- 3G, Silent, Offline, Vibration [On/Off]
- Screen Orientation: Fixed Portrait/Fixed landscape/Auto-rotation
- Restart Phone
- Brightness Switcher
- Battery Level: 0, 1 ... 99, 100%
- Power Saving Switcher
- Task Switcher
- Lock Screen
- Expandable Button: Add up to 13 Apps & preloaded features to each Extra Button
What's new in Belle Extra Buttons
For Belle FP2:

- The extra buttons are not visible on Idle screen, instead you will find in the middle of 'Search' & 'Call' buttons an 'Idle Button' which automatically opens the Drop Down Menu to access the extra buttons.
For All Belle devices:
1 - Access 8 of the preloaded features via invisible buttons on the Status pane at Homescreen, Menu & anywhere via Drop Down Menu:
When you open B.E.B you will notice 4 colored rectangles on top of screen, each one has two functions:
a) White / Top Left: One Tap to show open applications, and Long Tap to close open applications.
b) Red: One Tap to switch 3G On / Off, Long Tap to switch Offline mode On / Off.
c) Green: One Tap to show battery level details, Long Tap to Switch Power Saving Mode On / Off.
d) Blue: One Tap to Lock screen & Keyboard,Long Tap to Resart the phone.
Fixed Bugs:
1- Fixed: Battery Level accuracy.
Note: Battery level reading will be accurateafter the First charge of the battery, while B.E.B is running of course.
2- Fixed: The extra buttons are not Clickable under Cancel button of Options Menu.
3- The extra buttons get visible after opening the Virtual Keyboard while 'Show extra buttons at' option is set to 'Drop down menu' only.
4- The speed when Belle Extra Buttons starts

MoodScanner V1.00 - S^3 Anna Belle - Free App Download

The First and ultimate mood scanner for your Nokia!
Do you need to see how your mood is today or for a friend? Download Mood Finger Scanner and see for yourself.
Just try out this awesome app.

Metal Spring HD by Kallol - S60v5 Theme - Free Download

Do you like butterflies ?? Then test this hand crafted metallic wallpaper&brand new matching metallic icons...Full HD..Enjoy..

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Stripray Red by Arx - S60v5 Theme - Free Theme Download

 ARX DESIGNS Proudly Presents their Super High Quality Theme with All Redefined Elements with Superb Color and Combination with Some Third Party Apps icons.. :)

RubiBox v1.01(0) - Symbian^3 Anna Belle Signed - Free App Download

RubiBox is a mobile application for Nokia devices based on Qt and QML framework, built on Box.comapplication programming interface. Application was created as entryto contest - Summer Contest to Win a Linux Smartphone.

Pink Carbon by Theme Studio - S60v5 Theme - Free Download

 Know Pink like never Before.
Pink fused with Carbon Black will turn your phone in a masterpiece.
*Belle Users - Please restart your phone after installation for all the elements to work
*Custom Pink Icons
*SVG Elements
*Clear Visibility

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